“For the past three years Wes Howard has brought the unique contributions of the Alexander Technique to the musicians, conductors and actors of Illinois State Univ. The very direct benefits these performing artists receive from a heightened awareness of their bodies are at the roots of the technique required for their art. As a student of Wes, my exposure to the Alexander Method has brought into my own conducting style a richer palette of expressive gestures and postures. I have personally found Wes’ unique pedagogical style to be the very model of a great teacher: a soothing and calming voice, knowledgeable hands and carefully thought-out routines that become the core of the lessons.”
Dr. Glenn Block, Director of Orchestras,  Illinois State University

“Wes has taught me to be more aware of my sitting and standing when I play the trumpet. Because of this new insight, I have been relieved of persistent back problems and have more freedom of the breath which has improved all aspects of my performances.”
Dr. Amy Gilreath, Professor of Trumpet,  Illinois State University

Well-known people who have studied The Alexander Technique:

Paul and Linda McCartney
Mary Steenbergen
Paul Newman
William Hurt
John Cleese
Robin Williams
Aldous Huxley, Writer
Frederick Perls, Originator of Gestalt Therapy
Moshe Feldenkrais, Originator of the Feldenkrais Method
Professor Nikolaas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine
George Bernard Shaw, Playwright
John Houseman, Producer, Director, Actor
John Dewey, American Educational Philosopher
Christopher Reeve
Joel Grey
Jeremy Irons

Alexander Technique is in the curriculum of many Universities:

The Juilliard School, Music and Theater Divisions
The Eastman School of Music
Ohio State University

Berklee College of Music

University of North Texas College of Music

University of Minnesota School of Music

University of Illinois College of Music, Dance and Theater
The Royal College of Music, London
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London
New York University
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Boston University
Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute
Manhattan School of Music
Brandeis University

“In my Physical Therapy work, I have explored different mind/body, bodywork disciplines in search of useful healing techniques. My Alexander lessons with Wes have cut to the core where nothing else has. I find the Alexander Technique to be as basic to healthy physical and mental functioning as breath to life itself. I have successfully used it on myself to eliminate TMJ pain and still use it everyday to maintain mental clarity and to rid my body of tension. My senses are keener and I can type and play musical instruments without aggravating my history of carpal tunnel syndrome. Wes has given me the skills to actively participate in my lessons and to practice the technique in my everyday life. Any patient could benefit from the Alexander Technique and Wes’ teaching in particular”

Joanne Duitsman, Physical Therapy Assistant

I'm very thankful for my lessons with Wes. I don't know how I could work comfortably without the course of lessons. The Alexander Technique really can help just about anyone be a better version of themselves, both physically and mentally.  I can now work construction or practice guitar all day with mindfulness and patience without becoming sore or stiff.  It has helped immensely in becoming more successful in any activity I choose to do.  I will probably never need to go to a massage therapist again. I sleep more comfortably and peacefully than ever and I'm more capable and comfortable with all movement and use of my body. Whether it be sitting in front of a desk or carrying drywall, I’m more comfortable than I've been in many years.  I used to have daily stress headaches. Those are gone. I was also unable to sing for more than fifteen minutes without going hoarse or to practice guitar for thirty minutes before losing dexterity. Now I feel like my potential is limitless. There really is so much you can discover about yourself and your potential through Alexander Technique lessons with Wes.

Chad Sullivan - Realtor, Home Remodeler and Classical Guitarist

"I decided to try the Alexander Technique after a friend raved about how it helped her physical symptoms of anxiety, and helped her re-work how she moved to reduce pain.  My massage therapist had told me my posture was very 'off' but wasn't able to teach me how to correct it.  I tired easily, and wasn't able to gain any strength in my shoulders despite weight-bearing exercise.

At my first lesson, Wes pushed me pretty far forward and had me look in a mirror to see how very much I had to move from my normal stance in order to be straight.  Then he got to work, re-training my cerebellum to move on its own in the ergonomically correct way.  His teaching guides the body over and over to build new brain pathways to move better. 

Every lesson left me holding myself a little bit differently, my shoulders a little less tense, my habits slowly changing.  Yesterday I sat through a six hour seminar and enjoyed it.  Everyone around me was wilting before the halfway point, but I was able to keep my spine aligned, letting it take on the work, instead of leaning on the table or slumping in my chair.  I was able to stay alert and engaged the whole day, and much of that was due to using what I had learned with Wes Howard on Thursday afternoons.  Thanks, Wes!"

Sharon Chinn-Heritch - Attorney at Law

Center for Conscious Learning and Movement

Alexander Technique with Wes Howard


"Last week I had my first session of the Alexander Technique with Wes Howard. I am so appreciative for what I learned and unlearned about how I move my body. It was so much more than "good and bad" posture. It was being fully conscious of all my  body movements. I can't even tell you when the last time I got up from a seated position that I was aware of what was in front of me. I don't even look up when I get up. I am so busy in my mind on the next ten things I had to do, that I wasn't even seeing what was right in front of me. In a time when so many are awakening and becoming more conscious of their surroundings and their thoughts and emotions, most (including myself) are not conscious of our amazing bodies and the gifts of our physicality. Being conscious of my body in all positions was amazing and very relaxing. This technique started around the late 1800's. This man was so evolved for his time. I loved going into fetal position and experiencing the correct birthing posture and movements. So many will never have that experience without this technique."

Dr. Nicole Lackner, Chiropracter and owner of Holistic Health Center, Peoria, IL

"Alexander Technique Lessons with Wes Howard are the highlight of my week.  The work we have done has relieved my back problems at work and moved me toward healing my entire body.  But on a deeper level the resulting self-study has been truly fulfilling and exciting.  Wes' many years of experience has made his hands-on work very precise.  Sometimes the lessons are relaxing and slow paced, but other times he makes it challenging with lots of new movements.  Whatever the lesson holds, I invariably come out feeling much better than before."

Sander Weeks - Natural and Health Foods Expert/Consultant and Yoga Enthusiast

Quotable Quote from Sander after a lesson:"I thought the last lesson was awesome, but this one was insane!"