Electric Guitar Services:

  • Complete Service for any electronic issue
  • Action Set up
  • Truss Rod Adjustments
  • Nut Filing
  • Installation of new Nut
  • Bridge Saddle adjustment
  • Fret Polishing
  • Fret Leveling
  • repair or replacement of any hardware including bridges, tailpieces, whole tremolo units, tuners, etc.
  • Pickup replacement
  • Complete electronic rewiring of the instrument
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Installation of new switches, jacks, capacitors or treble bleed circuits
  • Installation of phase reversal switches and humbucker coil tap switches
  • Pickup Magnet replacement or modification

Guitar Maintenance and Repair

Texwest Guitar and Amplifier Service

Acoustic and Nylon String Guitar Services:

  • Action Set Up
  • Truss Rod Adjustments
  • Nut Filing
  • Installation of a new Nut
  • Bridge Saddle adjustment
  • Fret polishing
  • Fret leveling
  • Tuner Replacement
  • Strap Button installation

Workshop located in Urbana, IL

Contact Wes Howard - weshoward@gmail.com


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Ever since I started playing guitar in the early 80's I have been repairing, maintaining and modding my guitars.  It started with my first acoustic which was an old Harmony archtop f-hole guitar with very high action, so I got a file out of my dad's tool chest and lowered the nut slots and bridge slots.  I've been working on guitars ever since.